5 Great Uses of Coconut Oil for Your Hair

We have posted the benefits of coconut oil last month, so in this blog, we want to talk deeper about its use as a multi-purpose hair care product. With this natural solution, you can replace your current conditioner with our extra virgin coconut oil. EVCO is rich in lauric acid, which has anti-microbial and antibacterial properties, as well as medium-chain fatty acids that can strengthen your hair, defeat dandruff, condition the scalp, and is very effective to stimulate faster growth. Be ready to look great, and healthy hair can be yours with Milia EVCO! Read below to know the usefulness of extra virgin coconut oil for your hair.


Natural conditioner

If you use extra virgin coconut oil on a regular basis before washing your hair, it works as a natural conditioner. Apply coconut oil to your hair one or two hours before washing your hair. Apply it on a bunch of loose strands one after the other separately. Then after an hour or two, wash it. Your hair will definitely be more alive than ever if you do it twice or thrice a week.


Makes your hair smooth and shiny

It is a well known and proven fact that applying coconut oil to your hair actually makes it look shiny and smooth. It is the same effect that your conditioner gives you, but applying conditioner attracts dandruff, whereas extra virgin coconut oil actually cures dandruff problems.



Fix split end problems

Extra virgin coconut oil actually makes your hair look super healthy. It gives your hair all the nourishment it deserves. It also helps your hair recover from split end problems. Your hair will also look a lot less frizzy if you apply extra virgin coconut oil before applying shampoo.


Helps in hair growth

The secret of long, luscious hair is actually extra virgin coconut oil. Split ends are one of the primary reasons why your hair is not growing as much as it should. If that problem is solved, automatically your hair should start growing long. If you want to have hair like Rapunzel, go for extra virgin coconut oil!


Saves your hair from chemicals

Using chemicals on hair or on any part of your body is harmful, especially if you continually use it. It often makes your hair discolored and increases hair fall. Also, your hair becomes rough and dry. Extra virgin coconut oil is a great substitute for all that. You receive all the same benefits and you do not even have to use the chemical products from the market.

It is therefore that extra virgin coconut oil is the best, most soothing, and natural solution for all your hair related issues!


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