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Coconut Oil for Skin Care: Secret You Need to Know

Coconut oil is known for its heavy saturated fats and the great news is that it offers great results for skin care. Experts reveal that extra virgin coconut oil is capable of maintaining smoothness in skin layers and it controls loss of moisture as well.

Medical science says that coconut oil is effective to treat most first degree burns and can also be applied for second-degree burns such as water burns, sunburns, and minor chemical burns. There are unlimited benefits of using extra virgin coconut oil for skin care.


Pain relief

You will be happy to know that coconut oil has impressive anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Hence, it assists in treating pain and discomfort associated with burns. It happens mainly because of vitamin E contained in coconut oil.


Improves immune health

Coconut contains rich medium chain fatty acids in form of lauric, caprylic and capric acids. They have classic antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can protect your skin from pollutants, irritants, and pathogens. EVCO is capable of reducing the chances of infection after burns.


Speed up healing process

Studies reveal that coconut oil is capable enough to penetrate up to deep skin layers and can treat damaged skin cells effectively. It has polyphenols and vitamins that reduce oxidative stress and speed up the healing process. Coconut oil also improves blood flow to the affected or burned area of skin so that it can have right nutrients and oxygen content.



Prevent dryness

As already discussed, coconut oil helps to penetrate deeply into skin layers, so it can easily improve skin health after rope burns and second-degree burns as well. It actually works by delivery moisture to the affected skin area so that pain associated with dryness can be avoided.


No scar

The biggest trouble with burns is that they leave annoying scars behind. If you use coconut oil regularly on burnt area, its antioxidant and polyphenolic elements can improve production of collagens in skin layer and it promotes natural healing. This oil can prevent scars behind burns and also improves elasticity in the new skin.

Prefer to use the best quality EVCO to treat burns and other skin problems. Milia EVCO is what you need for your beauty. In order to avail more efficient results, you can mix it with other essential oils such as lavender, tea tree oil, etc.

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