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Incredible Health Benefits of EVCO for Babies

Within past few years, coconut oil has gained huge popularity throughout the world with its proven health benefits. The great news for new parents is that they can also use coconut oil for baby as it provides amazing health benefits. Coconut oil is capable enough to protect sensitive skin of a child, also can heal and nourish as well. You will be happy to hear that this oil has hypoallergenic properties with a light taste and excellent nutritional profile; hence, it helps in overall growth of your child. However, while buying coconut oil for your child, prefer to invest in natural extra virgin coconut oil without heating process involved, so that it has rich vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants, so that your child can enjoy the real health benefits of using EVCO.

Below we have highlighted few essential health benefits of EVCO for babies:


Best moisturizer

Babies have soft and delicate skin that demands more miniaturization but they do not need lotions rather nature-friendly solution is more useful. The commercial moisturizers have harsh chemicals and terrible fragrances, that is why EVCO is a more useful solution for effective skin care of your baby. Coconut oil can treat eczema and dry skin issues with its nourishing vitamins.


Treat rashes

Most of the babies face huge trouble due to diaper rashes but the great news for parents is that coconut oil can provide chemical-free treatment for these painful rashes. It helps to create a natural antibacterial barrier to your skin layer and prevents irritation.

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Baby food

EVCO is known for its hypoallergenic properties that make it best choice for baby food. This oil contains lauric acid that boosts digestion and also ensures easy absorption of useful nutrients. Add Milia EVCO to your baby food to improve the overall health of your growing child with its deep nourishing properties.


Deep massage

You might be aware of the fact that infants need a routine massage to activate their nervous system and enhance calmness, but the ultimate impact of massage depends upon the type of oil used. EVCO is considered as the best solution for baby massage.


Ease bowel

Medical health professionals reveal that first bowel movements of newborn baby include a tar-like substance that is known as Meconium. The little child finds it very hard to take out of the body, but coconut oil can ease this process. Parents need to use coconut oil to remove that sticky content from baby’s bottom.


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