About us

Milia is a registered private corporation in a tropical country, Indonesia, with a head office in Yogyakarta. With an aim to promote a healthy lifestyle, we are dedicated to creating 100% pure and healthy coconut-based products.

As a company, we strive each day to deliver excellence in our products. We are a group of dedicated people who firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle is strongly related to natural vitamin and mineral-enriched coconuts.


Our inception

Back at the start of 2014, the idea was originated about creating premium-quality virgin coconut oil. We knew that there was no better place to manufacture coconut oil than Indonesia, tropical heaven. The tropical climate of this country is regarded as the best to foster tall coconut trees.

Starting from the choice of coconuts, we never trade off the quality of the raw materials. Our coconut oil are processed using centrifugal technology, without any heating process and hazardous chemical to ensure the purest extraction of oil. That is how we embarked on a truly amazing and prosperous journey.

Vision and Mission


“Become the first choice of virgin coconut oil in Indonesia by setting a high standard of purity and quality.”



As a company, we want to promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the surging demand for palm oil which is leading to rainforest destruction.

Coconut oil is immensely beneficial to human health and we believe that we can create awareness about the benefits of coconut oil. We want to give the best product to our customers, so we strive to maintain our product quality through high-quality control with international standard.


Core values

For us, our predefined values are the driving force behind the success of our company. We have a sheer belief that it is our values which are responsible for taking us to new heights: transparency, integrity, purity, and quality.


Our mantra

“Natural goodness from the inside out.”  Our slogan depicts the main purpose of our company: Promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving your life.


Previously I got an issue with my hair. My hair was so dry and it get me so frustrated and desperate because I really don’t know what to do with my hair. My friend suggested me to use Milia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and surprisingly it makes my hear becomes so soft and easy to do up.


I really have no problem with pimple since I have been using Milia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Love it so bad!


One thing that I love the most about Milia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the taste. I love the taste of this product on my dishes.


I just can’t believe that consuming Milia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil regularly will help me to loose weight. Thanks Milia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil!


Several months ago, I had a problem with my cholesterol but my friend told me that using Milia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil could help me to reduce LDL cholesterol. I tried to give it a go and fortunately it helped a lot! So I decided to use it in my daily consumption.


Well, I have been using Milia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for almost 4 months and I think this is the best way to rejuvenate my face since it is absolutely natural and no side effect of using it. Now I feel more confident because my face looks younger and shiny.